Lamborghini of Palm Beach Replicates Italian State Police Huracan

This is one cop car you don't want to eat donuts in.

Not too long ago, Lamborghini donated a Huracan LP610-4 to the Italian Police Force to replace their two soon-to-be outdated Gallardos. Like its supercar predecessor, the Huracan was modified for catching bad guys and delivering lifesaving organs. With Polizia white and blue livery, four sirens and an LED light bar, it also look ready for action. Lamborghini of Palm Beach, FL, thought so highly of it, one of its own Huracans was decked out in the the same livery and matching LED light bar.

However, the similarities end there. The rest of the car is stock. Video car enthusiast magazine Cafe SpA traveled to the sunshine state for a closer look at a car that's perfect for donuts, just not the kind you eat in the car.

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