Lamborghini Owner Arrested After Posting Speeding Stunt Online

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Japanese CEO is sitting behind bars after 100mph stunt is posted on YouTube for posterity.

A few months ago, a 50-year-old Japanese doctor posted a video of himself driving three times the speed limit in his Ferrari 458 Italia. He was subsequently put in jail. Following suit is one bright orange Lamborghini Gallardo-owning CEO from the Land of the Rising Sun, who posted a video online of him driving the supercar through a tunnel in Hiroshima at speeds of close to 100mph.That's a good 60mph over the 37mph speed limit for the area.

This week the 38-year-old driver was arrested after viewers of the video, taken two years ago from his dash-mounted camera, reported him to the police.

Mikami Tadao, president of a manufacturing company, is now behind bars for a stunt he would doubtless have gotten away with had he not been compelled to share his offense on a public domain. After his arrest for various traffic violations, the Japanese executive allegedly said: "I enjoyed the sound of the engine and the speed." So that's at least one fond memory to hang onto while doing some hard time.

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