Lamborghini Planning a More Earth-Friendly Aventador?


Cylinder deactivation, stop-start, revised suspension and updated cabin on the docket for flagship Lambo?

These days every automaker has to do its part to improve its fuel consumption and emissions figures...even Lamborghini. But while Ferrari, Porsche and McLaren are all working on hybrid powertrains for their next supercars, Lamborghini is reportedly planning some less drastic measures. The word on the street has it that the Italian automaker is preparing some revisions for the Aventador that will include cylinder deactivation and stop-start engine management to improve its green credentials.

The cylinder deactivation system is tipped to shut down six of the 6.5-liter engine's twelve high-revving cylinders when under light load in order to bring its emissions down and its fuel economy up. Once the driver mashes the accelerator, however, the remaining six pistons would light up to deliver the full 700 metric horsepower experience. The stop-start system, meanwhile, will shut the engine down entirely when the car pulls up to a stop, reigniting as soon as the accelerator is so much as tapped to resume acceleration. It's a system already installed on an increasing variety of automobiles, most of them being frugal economy sedans and hatchbacks.

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These are not, however, the only revisions that are reportedly in store for the flagship Lambo. Although the model is only about a year old, the factory in Sant'Agata is said to be working on a revised suspension, new wheels and a more refined cabin for a comprehensive update. The revisions could debut first on the Aventador Roadster currently in the works, and be rolled out in the coupe version shortly thereafter.