Lamborghini Poop Prank Goes Totally Wrong

Nothing like getting tasered for pretending to take a crap.

Hopefully this isn’t the case with all supercar drivers, but undoubtedly some can be real assholes. And these two pranksters, a couple of Czech guys also known as the Viral Brothers, got more than they bargained for when they were seeking a little payback from a Lamborghini Gallardo driver who cut them in traffic and gave them the finger. These "two wild and crazy guys" then followed him to a parking lot, waited for the guy to walk away from the car, and proceeded to place a fake poop on its hood.

Heck, one of our prankster friends even squatted to make it look he was really taking a crap on the car. What follows is both hilarious and definitely a bit over the top. Let’s just say it was an electrifying experience.

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