Lamborghini Promises Electric Cars Will Still Look Crazy

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New Lamborghinis will still look like "spaceships."

The blonde man in the blue suit you see pointing at the Lamborghini Sian in the photo below is Mitja Borkert. He joined Lamborghini back in 2016. He's Lambo's design boss. Any Lambo that's hit tarmac since 2016 looks the way it does because of Mitja. Notably, that'll also include Lamborghini's first electrified models.

Lamborghini is set to switch from big, loud V12s, V8s, and V10s to hybridized models within the next year. This is an important time for a brand whose appeal is so linked with how its cars look and sound. Thankfully, the next generation of electric Lambos will still look and sound like Lambos. And that's coming right from the guy that designs them.

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"We will always create cars with emotional performance," said Borkert to Autocar. Borkert spoke with the publication at the Milan Monza motor show, saying, "They will always look like spaceships, always be inspiring, always cars that with whatever technology they have will have the sound and the emotion to touch you." That on its own is enough to ensure most that the Lamborghini they love will not be going anywhere, electrified or not. Neither will the V12, as previously confirmed by Lamborghini.

Borkert went on to point out the inevitability of electrification for the brand. "We are living on the same planet as everyone else", he said. The brand has faced some criticism from enthusiasts for pursuing hybridized and electrified models in the past.

But Borkert says that it's the next generation of customers, not just regulations behind this new direction for the Italian marque. "We need to always use new technology. There's always a new generation of buyers coming through."

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Borkert himself sounds excited about the new design possibilities that an electrified platform brings to the table. He said that the muffler of hybridized models can be used for aerodynamics, for example. We're not sure what that would look like, but more exposed engine parts on a Lambo is never a bad thing. The designer also said that "smart aero" is a possibility.

Given that models like the Aventador already have active aero elements, we're not sure what that means. But it does sound exciting. If anything, Borkert's comments show that Lamborghini is committed to making its future as loud as possible in every sense of the word, and if there's one word we'd use to describe Lamborghini, it's "loud."

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