Lamborghini Releases Heartwarming Video For The Holidays

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It features an elderly barber who gets some unexpected help thanks to a Huracan Tecnica.

Lamborghini is back at it again this holiday season with another short video to celebrate the brand and giving back to others called "The Barber: a Lamborghini Christmas Story." The video showcases an endearing story about a barber and a carefully placed Huracan Tecnica that saves his business through the power of social media. It's a heck of a marketing pitch if you ask us.

As of this writing, the video has already accrued about 20 thousand views just on YouTube. Last year, the Italian brand released a similar video titled "Christmas Gift 2021," which saw a young boy get the gift of a lifetime in a "remote-controlled" Huracan Evo. That video has been seen by over 2.6 million people on youtube alone, so it seems Lamborghini lovers are really enjoying the yearly holiday releases.

Lamborghini Lamborghini

This year's video starts with an elderly barber cleaning up his empty shop. We see him sweeping and then go to turn around the sign on the door to "closed," while simultaneously putting up another sign announcing that the barbershop will close for good in the near future.

Enter a young gentleman who walks up to the shop, sees the signs and gets an idea. He turns around and returns in his Verde Selvans green Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica parking just in front of the shop. He then gets out and takes a selfie with the Huracan in front of the barbershop tagging it #Lamborghinistyle.

Lamborghini Lamborghini

The car attracts many other young people who flock to the vehicle for pictures and post them as well with the location. Now, in the presence of such a stylish car, many attractors take a look at themselves and decide they need a new style as well, eventually deciding to enter the shop for a new look.

Thanks to this, business starts booming. Eventually, we see the young man from the beginning go to the barbershop himself for a haircut. In the end, he walks up to the wall and grabs a picture of a young kid off the wall, and we realize he used to come here as a child and wanted to give back to the business. Thanks to him and the renewed business, the barber takes the signs off the door as he now makes enough money to stay open.

Lamborghini Lamborghini

It's a beautiful video about giving back for the holidays and a slight positive nod to the power of social media. Lamborghini has been killing it with social media recently, mainly by putting out many Spotify playlists in honor of and directly created by the company's many engines.

Not to mention that just in time for Christmas this year, the company has set up an exhibit at the Museum of Technologies in Sat'Agata Bolognese as a celebration of the company's 60th anniversary. Some of the company's most famous cars of all time will be on display, but unfortunately, none of them will be gift wrapped for the holidays.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

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