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Lamborghini Restored This Pre-Production 1971 Miura SV Because Somebody Had To

Oh, it's very eyeball friendly.

45 years ago at the Geneva Motor Show, this pre-production Lamborghini Miura SV had its live debut. In fact, it was displayed on the Bertone stand alongside a then brand-new model, the Countach. To celebrate the Miura’s 50th birthday, Lamborghini’s own restoration department, PoloStorico, brought this 1971 Miura SV back to its original condition. Original as in it looks like it’s just left the Sant’Agata factory gates.

Unveiled this weekend at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance in Florida, this one-off Miura SV was restored with the help of period photos and various other historical documents. Lamborghini claims that every component was either restored or replaced, though PoloStorico used as many original parts as possible. The V12 engine was also overhauled and the body repainted in its original Verde Metallazata, or green metallic. The interior, with its tan leather upholstery, was also refurbished. All told, the restoration took a year to complete. And no, it’s not for sale.

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