Lamborghini Reveals How Asterion's Hybrid System Works


Check out this video game-style explanation.

The two most striking elements of the Lamborghini Asterion unveiled last week in Paris was its dramatic return from angular to curved lines for the first time in decades, and its plug-in hybrid powerplant. A first for the Italian carmaker, this "hyper cruiser" will never see the production light of day. But as a "technology demonstrator," the hybrid system certainly will. To show how it works, Lamborghini has unveiled this video.

In it you'll be gripped by how the steering-wheel mounted "Zero" button enables drivers to disengage the 610-hp 5.2-liter V10, allowing the concept to cruise relying solely on the 300-hp worth of electric motors, with a 31-mile range and 78-mph top speed. Select hybrid mode, and the full 910-hp of fury combines to send the Asterion to 62 mph in 3.0 seconds.

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