Lamborghini Reveals Mysterious Concept Coming to Paris

Teaser shot and cryptic message hints at four-seater...something.

Lamborghini took Geneva by storm with the reveal of the Huracan, and will continue that momentum in Paris by unveiling a new concept. In addition to the solitary silhouette comes the cryptic tag line: “Once perfection is achieved, you can just double it.” So what is Lamborghini going on about? Looking at the teaser image, we can see a fastback shape coupled with a long hood. And the key word from the ambiguous message is obviously ‘double.’

So, what is the Italian carmaker going to double? It can only be the number of doors and seats. Having revealed the Estoque concept in Paris back in 2008, the brand has wanted a four-door sedan for some time now, so that’s our best guess. Some suggest it could be an SUV – the double may also be referring to the car’s height – while a F12 battling Lamborghini grand tourer or FF Shooting Brake fighter are also contenders.

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