Lamborghini Reveals New Factory Ahead Of Urus Reveal


Being a part of the VW Group has its perks.

Lamborghini has big plans not only for its upcoming Urus SUV but also for more great V10 and V12 supercars. You should be excited. And in order to be fully prepared for the expected onslaught of orders, Lamborghini wisely doubled the size of its famous factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy. It used to be 80,000 square meters and today it’s now 160,000 square meters, allowing for a 7,000 unit per year output. That may not sound like all that much, but it is for Lamborghini considering it'll soon have just three models.

Lamborghini has just released this new batch of images showing off its expanded new facility boasting a new production line specifically for the Urus called Industry 4.0. There’s also a new finishing department for Lamborghinis, a new office building with LEED Platinum certification, supposedly the highest rating in the world for energy and environmental certification in building design and construction. And it wasn’t just the factory buildings that have been given due attention, as a new test track, complete with 13 surfaces specifically for SUVs, was also built. There’s also a new logistics warehouse, a second tri-generation power plant, and even a new energy hub for centralized production for all of the energy carriers.

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What’s particularly impressive is that this massive expansion was completed in only 18 months, and the existing factory section was still operating at full production capacity. In fact, it was during this time when Lamborghini achieved a record sales year. Right now, the newly expanded factory is likely already churning out the first pre-production Urus units in time for its December 4 debut.