Lamborghini Reveals Production Cap Along With New Info On Its Urus SUV


We now know how much the first Lamborghini SUV will cost and the year it'll come out.

Lamborghini has been steadily increasing its sales in recent years, with the Italian supercar maker on track to move over 4,000 cars this year. We know that the company is aiming to increase sales in order to keep pace with Ferrari, but we didn't know what its target number was until now. Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali told Reuters that the goal is to sell 7,000 cars per year by 2019. For reference Ferrari is aiming for 9,000 sales per year by 2019, albeit with a larger lineup but no SUV.

Domenicali said supercar production would be capped at 3,500 vehicles per year. That leaves the Urus SUV to make up the other 3,500 sales. Domenicali called the Urusu a "big game-changer" and said that Lamborghini would "push like hell" to sell 3,500 units per year. To do this it plans to increase its dealership network from 132 stores to 160. But the Urus may still face a tough battle. Lamborghini is set to launch the SUV in 2018 and will sell it for around $200,000. Two years is a short amount of time for a car to go from non-existence to 3,500 sales. If Lamborghini were smart it would start releasing more images and info of the Urus sooner rather than later. Selling thousands of SUVs isn't as easy as selling 20 limited edition supercars.

Should Lamborghini be able to meet its ambitious sales goals the brand will be in a good position heading into 2020. By that time a hybrid-electric Urus should be on the market with an all-electric version potentially close behind. The good news is that despite its sales push the company's supercars will remain pure. Part of that is thanks to the production cap. The other part is the automaker's vow to keep the driving experience at the forefront. Domenicali has no plans to axe steering wheels from the cockpit or let tech take over entirely. "If you buy a Lamborghini you want to drive ... We are talking about emotions. In life, technology has to be part of the emotion."


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