Lamborghini Reveals Special Anniversary Cars In Mexico

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Four new cars celebrate a decade of business in Mexico.

With the exception of the small Italian town of Maranello in Italy, Lamborghini cars are universally loved and sold across the world. This Italian supercar manufacturer has been in business for nearly sixty years and has celebrated some pretty big anniversaries in 2021. The brand is currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of one of its most well-known models, the Lamborghini Countach, and has recently revealed the Aventador Ultimae as the V12 supercar's decade-long lifespan draws to an end. Lamborghini has now also announced a series of special edition Huracan Evo cars to celebrate a decade of doing business in Mexico.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

Lamborghini Mexico is introducing four commemorative Huracan Evos based on important themes in Mexican culture: Vita (Life), Morte (Death), Sogno (Dream), and Tempo (Time).

"Mexico has become an influential force for a growing automotive community in Latin America and we're proud to celebrate this partnership with Grand Chelem. The four special edition models designed with the brand's Ad Personam program present the endless possibilities available to clients when configuring their own Lamborghini vehicle," said Federico Foschini, Automobili Lamborghini Chief Marketing and Sales Officer.

The Vita features a Verde Ermes (green) and Oro Elios (gold) paint job with gold details on the interior. The car also features an eagle emblem which "celebrates freedom and the successes in life, and perpetuated in a motif that exalts the national values of Mexico and Italy."

The Morte features a skull-themed exterior with a blue Astraeus color scheme with Bronze accents inside and out.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

The Sogno is the most distinctive and features a Blu Symi (light blue) exterior with Oro Elios (gold) highlights. On the inside, this car features white accents, black trim, and gold stitching.

The Tempo edition gets a snake theme that represents reinvention through the shedding of one's skin. The exterior of the Tempo features a black exterior accentuated with Bronzo Serse underlines and bronze interior accents.

The Huracan Evo is powered by a 5.2-liter V10 producing 630 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque and sells for up to $262,000 in the US.

Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini Lamborghini

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