Lamborghini Reventon: A Design Study

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With the era of the Murcielago coming to an end, Lamborghini has given the world an exclusive sneak preview to the evolution of their future supercars. The introduction of the Murcielago-based Reventon in 2007 shows that the automaker is unafraid to make dramatic design choices. Since the Countach era of the 70s and 80s, Lamborghini has literally perfected the wedge design and made it their signature theme, furthering separating their cars from local rival Ferrari.


With its 640 horsepower V12 mid-mounted engine, the Reventon's performance credentials matches its stealth looks. Even for those (and they do exist) who don't care about cars, the Reventon is an admitted admiration of amazing automotive design. The Reventon represents Lamborghini's future in both design and performance as the famed automaker continues doing what it does best in the 21st century.

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