Lamborghini Reventon Coupe


The million some dollar Reventon is one of the most exclusive, expensive, and high performing Lamborghinis ever. It's based off the Murcielago, but the exterior is all-new with a unique styling language that's, well, pretty bad ass. Inspiration for the Lamborghini designers came from the F-22 Raptor fighter jet. With just one look at the Reventon will make you believe that it too can take off when blasting down a runway. Seriously, it's that cool looking.

My first thought was how dramatic the styling is and compared to any other Lamborghini or Ferrari, just shows what a giant step this thing is in design terms. The body panels are made from carbon fiber and come in only one color: "mid opaque grey without the usual shine." While it's based on the Murcielago's architecture, the engine has been re-tuned. The 6.5 liter V12 is rated at 640 horsepower and will go from zero to 62 mph in a blistering 3.4 seconds. Top speed has been recorded at 221 mph. Hmmm, maybe it could actually take off and defy gravity?


The interior takes it cues from the exterior with cockpit-like styling. While it's without a doubt a Lamborghini, the interior is very much the driver's playground.The instrument panel has three LCD screens with two display modes and the whole thing is encased by aluminum and carbon fiber. There's even a G-Force meter (yeah, no kidding) that's often used by Formula One teams. The Reventon comes in both coupe and roadster form and only a total of 20 were built (9 of which were roadsters). It's quite obvious how rare this car already is and will continue to be.

If the design language is any indication of things to come from Lamborghini, then, quite honestly, I'm totally down on my knees in pure awe. I'm not criticizing other supercars, but the Reventon is just totally unlike anything else on the market, styling wise. Who's down for a race between the Reventon and a fighter jet? I'll take a front row seat anytime.

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