Lamborghini Revuelto Spied On The Road For The First Time

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And it's in the wild Verde Shock hue.

Sant'Agata-based car spotter Varryx has once again provided our first on-the-road look at a new Lamborghini product, this time the recently unveiled Revuelto V12 hybrid supercar. Thus far, we've seen no more than press images and shots taken from the assembly line, and while those are appreciated, seeing a new car moving certainly adds a new dimension to one's perspective on its styling.

The example you see here is finished in one of Lamborghini's most attention-hungry hues, namely Verde Shock, and it suits the overt nature of the new halo model's edgy design perfectly. Interestingly, the video also catches Lamborghini out testing a fully camouflaged prototype of the same car. Perhaps Sant'Agata is already at work on the Super Veloce version.


We expect to see many more wild examples of the new Lamborghini Revuelto over the coming weeks and months, but this video also gives us a peek into the future of the Italian automaker's product pipeline. Lamborghini employees are seen driving both the BMW i7 and the Mercedes EQS, flagship luxury EVs from Germany. The Italian company has reiterated on several occasions that it is working on its first EV and that this is likely to be a 2+2 that is useable for daily driving duties. With that in mind, it appears that Lamborghini is benchmarking the i7 and EQS to learn lessons that its first EV can apply. Perhaps this first EV will be a more luxury-oriented product; whether those lessons come from the drive units or something else, we may never know, but it's clear that Lamborghini is taking its electrification strategy seriously.


Another notable detail seen in the video is a Lamborghini Huracan with unusual circular cutouts for its exhaust tips. This is a very early LP610-4 variant and is not wearing the body of more recent models like the Tecnica or the aggressive aero of the STO. Thus, we suspect this is a test mule for Lamborghini's Huracan replacement. Most likely, the Huracan successor will have similar proportions, so engineers could be testing a new power unit. We know it will not be a V6, but sadly, this video doesn't tell us if it will be a V8 or a V10. Regardless, Lamborghini will surely not struggle to shift the Huracan replacement - the Revuelto sold out for two years before customers even saw it.


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