Lamborghini's Centenario Takes The SuperVeloce A Few Pleasant Steps Further

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It's also downright gorgeous.

Of the great limited editions of really special cars, some dabble in mediocrity, while others are shot at, and miss, the stars. However, among them there is a gem in the form of a raging bull. Amidst the audacity Lamborghini has had in the past, releasing half-inch wider fenders for hundreds of thousands of dollars, this time with the Aventador's special edition Centenario 770-4 trim, Lamborghini has somewhat taken a step in the direction of righting some wrongs.

From the mouth of Lamborghini's Head of Research and Development Maurizio Reggiani, "Every detail is made for function. It's not made only for aesthetics," thus solidifying that the Centenario is a vastly different beast from the Aventador SuperVeloce. For starters the car is covered from front to back with body pieces set to improve aerodynamics. Words like "downforce" and "cooling" are peppered throughout Reggiani's case for the Centenario, however two big changes catch the eye more than others. First off, the rear spoiler starts out flush with the back of the car. It can raise six inches and the upper portion can tilt a whole 15 degrees, thereby influencing drag and downforce accordingly.

The other thing to pay attention to is the fact that this will be the first Lamborghini to have a touchscreen. The Centenario is no stranger to track conditions out of the box, as the screen displays not only GPS and social media, but also telemetry. With the Centenario it will be possible to look at lap times, sprint times, pedal position, g-forces, real-time power usage and lots of other important information. There is something to be said for the aesthetics at face value. The car looks stunning, and seemed to grab a lot of inspiration from interesting sources. For instance, at first glance it might be difficult to tell that at the rear of the vehicle the tires are completely visible, even when they turn. That visibility was supposedly derived from the look of a motorcycle.

Even the hood scoops hearken back to the days of the 1970s Miura. The Centenario is set to mark the 100th birthday of the brand's founder Ferruccio Lamborghini.

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