Lamborghini's CEO Just Let More Details About Its Upcoming SUV Slip

It may not be a hybrid after all...

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann is a damn cool guy. He recently spoke with reporters from Autoblog and a few other outlets, and one of the many subjects discussed was the upcoming Lamborghini SUV. Winkelmann didn’t exactly toe the line when talking about what could power the Urus (or whatever the hell it gets named) or why it took so long to green-light. "The SUV could be the first car with a turbo, and it could be the first car with a plug-in, if we have the opportunity to have more than one engine."

A default hybrid setup seems likely, but if Lamborghini decides to buck the industry trend then turbocharging would be the way to go. When the question became why the hell did the SUV take so long to get approval, the answer was strictly about business and scale. "Putting 500 more people inside a company which is now at 1,200, you can imagine what it means. Doubling almost the size of the area here where we are sitting today. Investing hundreds and hundreds of millions. If you're not clear about how you want to do that, and showing a clear model behind it, then for sure the Group is telling you come back when you are ready. And therefor it took time for us."

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