Lamborghini's CEO Just Revealed Whether Or Not Its New SUV Will Be A Hybrid


Purists, what say you?

Lamborghini is doing quite well these days. It just released the lighter and rear-wheel drive Huracan 580-2 in LA and it's gotten rave reviews all around. As for the Urus SUV, Road & Track talked with Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann about near-final decisions regarding the Urus' powertrain. Earlier, we reported that Lamborghini will not use hybrid or electric technology until batteries improve and that the Urus might be turbocharged. It seems that both statements hold true.

Winklemann said that "the SUV could certainly be one of the opportunities to have a turbocharged engine" and that "for the sports cars today we tend to say there is no engine better than a naturally aspirated." Now that's a promising statement. Winkelmann also said that the Urus will mostly be used on the street but still have the ability to drive up steep inclines and do light off-roading, providing a balance between what a Lamborghini is and SUV capabilities.

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