Lamborghini's CEO Reveals Why It's Taking The Risk And Making The Urus


Let Stephan Winkelmann calm your fears.

Recently we have seen numerous luxury automakers building SUVs or CUVs in order to up sales. Some saw this as a sort of cop out, since most of these brands are traditional sports car manufacturers. The Urus, from Lamborghini, fits perfectly under that bill. Aside from the LM002 "Rambo Lambo" it has almost exclusively built two-seater coupes. Because of this, the Urus has caused some controversy in the auto community. Lamborghini of course is known for its unique supercars, so will SUV dilute its image? Why is Lamborghini doing this to the brand?

Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann explains the rationale for this risky move. He assures the public that the SUV will be just as much a Lamborghini as the Aventador is, saying, "Our brand has a history of many types of cars such as GTs, super sports cars, and with the LM002 from 1986 to 1992, even an SUV. We learned together with our designers and product people that the SUV represented this opportunity the best." He also stated that he expects the Urus to drive sales up from 2,500 per year to 5,000 per year. This certainly helps Lamborghini compete with competition—after all, the two model lineup looks measly compared to McLaren’s five and Ferrari’s six.

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Winkelmann also stated that an SUV “supports more consistent volumes and competitiveness of the company and our dealers.” Finally, and most frighteningly, he says that, the SUV "will radically change Lamborghini." What do you think? Is Lamborghini copping out or just getting with the times?