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Lamborghini’s First Hybrid Supercar Could Have This Most Appropriate Name

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Question now is, when will it debut?

It's no longer a secret Lamborghini will soon unveil its first-ever hybrid, codenamed LB48H. Although it'll be a limited production model offered to only a select few high-profile and loyal customers, it represents the beginning of a new era for the Italian carmaker. But what will Lamborghini name it? The Supercar Blog claims it has learned the answer: Unico. The blog's sources are not given, so we'll just have to take them at their word, but the name is appropriate. However, the Unico (or whatever it'll ultimately be called) isn't expected to be a one-off. Instead, Lamborghini is said to have a 63-unit production run planned, each costing around $2.5 million.

As we previously learned, this hybrid Lamborghini is expected to retain the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 tuned to 789 hp found in the Aventador, but will now be connected to an electric motor for an additional 49 hp or so. Grand total output will be about 838 hp. Styling wise, its overall dimensions will likely be somewhat similar to those of the Aventador, on which it's based, but the design will be quite a step forward.

Remember the stunning Terzo Millenio concept? Expect the Unico to borrow a fair amount of that design theme. Lamborghini hired a new design chief, Mitja Borkert, back in 2016 and the Terzo Millenio was his first all-new project. It's also a preview of what future Lamborghinis will look like under his watch. Therefore, it makes sense for the limited production Unico to feature at least some of the concept's styling traits. There is precedent for this.

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Now, do you remember the Reventon? Of course you do. Although it was based on the Murcielago, which at the time was at the end of its life cycle, the Reventon's jet fighter styling was a direct preview of what was about to come on its Aventador successor. And yes, the Aventador successor, codenamed LB634, will be a hybrid, although its naturally aspirated V12 isn't going anywhere. The Lamborghini Unico (we'll starting referring to it as such) does not have an announced reveal date, but if we had to guess we'd say it'll be Geneva in March.