Lamborghini's Latest Patent Details How A 730-HP Aventador Is Coming


In short, the "regular" Aventador will now be almost as powerful as the Aventador SV.

Lamborghini, along with Aston Martin, has been one of the few automakers to promise not to do away with the V12 engine despite the rampant trend of downsizing that’s taking place in the supercar world. While that may involve a hybrid or two in the future, we can at least sleep soundly with the knowledge that our precious naturally aspirated V12s from Italy are safe, for now. Auto Guide confirmed that when it reported that Lamborghini has just filed a patent for the name “Aventador S.”

The name was filed to the European Union Intellectual Property Office just in case someone else tries to make a product using the name of a retired Spanish fighting bull. Not much else is known about the Aventador S, but digging into recent photos that our spy photographers captured could lend us some clues. Up front we saw revised bumpers giving the Lambo a mean look, sort of like the aerodynamics kit that the Huracan got. These help to hide larger air intakes that will help the 6.5-liter V12 breathe a bit easier. The rear fender also seems to have sprouted some holes providing air support to the engine. A fancy rear wing and front spoiler will work together to ensure that the Aventador can call the wind its ally.

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That may sound unnecessary, but these upgrades help because the Aventador S should come to market hauling an extra 20-40 horsepower in its stash, meaning we can expect upwards of 710-730 hp. It would only be just if Lamborghini followed upgrading the Aventador with a refresh of the Aventador SV. After all we’re sure those who paid over $100,000 extra to get an Aventador SV will not be happy that a “regular” Aventador will have only 10-30 horsepower less. Given that the Aventador’s replacement is slated for release in 2020, expect the Aventador S to arrive in the next couple of years.