Lamborghini's Next Gallardo to be Developed in Germany?


Centralized development within the Volkswagen Group could see Audi and Porsche take over development of the Gallardo's successor from Lamborghini.

When the Volkswagen Group bought Lamborghini back in 1998, enthusiasts feared that the resulting supercars would become little more than Raging Bull-badged Audis. Fortunately that hasn't proven the case, with models like the Murcielago, Aventador and Gallardo proving thoroughly Italian in their design and execution. But the word on the street is that Lamborghini's independence within the burgeoning German industrial giant could be coming to an end.

Inside Line projects that, with the Gallardo on its way out, the next-generation V10 supercar could be developed more by Audi and Porsche than by Lamborghini itself. That's because VW is wising up to its potential economies of scale and cutting redundant costs by centralizing the development process for new models with specific divisions. The Gallardo's replacement is expected to share its platform with new supercars from Porsche and Audi as well, and that Porsche could handle much of the development itself on behalf of its sister brands.

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The trend would hardly be unique to the Gallardo successor, though. The Urus project for a Lamborghini SUV would, if approved, borrow much of its components (including platform and powertrain) from Audi and other VW divisions. If Volkswagen is smart enough, though (and we hope it is), it will tweak the shared platform to allow for more Italian character and input. Whether that process happens in Italy or in Germany, however, is another matter entirely. One way or another, look for the Gallardo's replacement to carry a new name, but keep the basic formula of a mid-mounted V10 intact.