Lamborghini’s SUV Will Have Something Special Under Its Hood

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Should Bentley be worried?

We’ve heard all types of plans for Lamborghini’s upcoming Urus SUV. During an interview with LamborghiniR&D boss Maurizio Reggiani, found that the automaker will use a twin-turbocharged V8 for the Urus SUV. According to Reggiani, the decisionto use a turbocharged engine was based off the requirements for an off-roadingvehicle. “We have to go to forced induction in order to deliver the necessarytorque levels,” Reggiani told

“The engine must be as light as possible, and of courseextremely powerful because this is a Lamborghini.” Die-hard Lamborghini fans maynot be happy with the news since the Urus will be the first vehicle from the company that isn't naturally aspirated. But the automaker is planning on making the SUV usableon and off the road. “But what we really need is a lot of torque, especially atthe bottom end to give the car the sort of flexibility you need in difficultconditions. The Urus must be as effective in sand dunes as it is on the road,”stated Reggiani. While having a lot of power is extremely important, there area lot of other issues when engineering a vehicle that has a center of gravitythat’s five times as much as its other supercars.

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“Drivetrain, performance and design: these are the criticalfactors in differentiating a Lamborghini SUV from other vehicles,” stated Reggiani.CEO Stephan Winkelmann told that testing for the prototype was wellunderway and that the automaker’s team had done extensive research. benchmarkingthe Urus’ rivals. It looks like Lamborghini is well on its way to creating aSUV that can take the fight to the Bentley Bentayga. Is a turbocharged Lamborghini SUV blasphemous or something that we should look forward to?