Lamborghini Seems To Be Considering LMP1 Racing For An Outright Win At Le Mans

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They could change the name of the race to "look at all of these Volkswagens."

Lamborghini isn't a complete stranger to the world of motorsports, but compared to several of the other Italian manufacturers, it has devoted surprisingly little attention to the idea of going fast on a track. That's fine, really, we already have Ferrari. But sometimes you can't help but wonder. Well, we might soon get our questions answered, as Lamborghini's motorsport coordinator, Giorgio Sanno, recently revealed some surprising news.

In an interview with Top Gear, it was revealed that Sanno wants to race at Le Mans, and not like in 2010, when Lamborghini entered an LMGT1 Murcielago. This time, Sanno wants to win. That means LMP1, a class of vehicles where fellow VW Group brand Porsche is already racing; not to mention, more famously, Audi. So would that mean three different VW brands all racing LMP1 at the same time? That isn't clear yet. Lambo will likely start in LMP2 before moving up to the bigger cars, and there are rumors of Audi moving into F1. Sanno did say that VW has no interest in F1, but there is some evidence that Audi is, so we'll have to see.


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