Lamborghini Should Be Pleased With How Many Cars It Sold In 2016

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Lamborghini's sales in 2016 may not sound spectacular, but it's impressive considering it's only selling two models.

Following McLaren's celebrations, Lamborghini is the latest supercar maker celebrating a rise in sales last year. The Italian auto manufacturer sold 3,457 vehicles in 2016, and while that may not sound like a lot, it's impressive when you remember that there are only two cars in Lamborghini's current line-up: the V10-powered Huracan and the V12 Aventador. The figure represents a seven percent increase compared to 2015 – again that may sound modest, but progress is progress.

It's the sixth year the manufacturer has seen a growth in sales, passing the 3,400-unit mark for the first time in its 54-year history. The Huracan also set a new record with 2,353 vehicles delivered, along with the 1,104 examples of the Aventador that were sent to new owners. The majority of sales were in the US, where 1,041 Lambos landed last year, but the Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) and Asia Pacific regions also saw growth. This new all-time high is once more confirming the substance and sustainability of our brand, product and commercial strategy," said Stefano Domenicali, the current chief executive officer of Lamborghini.

"This is a real team achievement and it is all the more remarkable as we are at the same time preparing not only for new models in our super sports car range, but for a company-wide quantum leap in our product portfolio - the third model line." He is of course talking about Lamborghini's more affordable, family-friendly Urus Crossover which should bring a worldwide sales surge when it hits the market next year. New facilities are being built to expand the production capacity for the crossover, which should be finished "within 2017." Two variants of the Urus are expected: one will be powered by a Porsche 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, while another will be a plug-in hybrid.

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