Lamborghini Singapore Dinner Creates Badass Garage

Lamborghinis and friends fill a mouthwatering parking structure.

When Lamborghini Singapore invited its local customers forthe Lohei Dinner 2014, they closed off part of this massive parking structureto facilitate the VIP guests and their supercars. But ignoring the Lamborghini-onlydress-code, some owners showed up in their other supercars, creating adrop-dead gorgeous mixture of Lambos and other exotic beauties. Check out how these numerous Gallardos, Murcielago SV’s, Aventadors and more welcome other guests - like these Ferraris, Mercedes’, BMWs and Porsches.

This collection of fantastic cars at this awesome event wascaptured by Zen Balboni Photography, whose cameraman was lucky enough to spendthe evening in the parking lot. But if this is what was going on on the outside, we canonly imagine what this ‘Lohei Dinner’ looked like on the inside.

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