Lamborghini Still Hasn't Made The Case For An SUV

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Question is whether or not it can be ready for a 2017 launch.

Despite being revealed back in 2012, Lamborghini has yet to receive the green light for a production-spec Urus SUV. We've been told in the past that such a model will come to market in 2017, but time is clearly running out if that deadline is to be met. According to CarAdvice, Lamborghini Asia Pacific general manager, Andrea Baldi, confirmed that a production Lamborghini 4 door SUV still isn't final. The trick here is to convince parent company VW Group that such a model is necessary.

However, Baldi specified: "For us, the matter of convincing the VW Group is a different challenge. There are a lot of brands – everybody is going in to SUV, except Ferrari maybe – Rolls-Royce, Bentley, also everybody's announcing SUVs." So, essentially, there are two issues Lamborghini needs to deal with before anything is made final. However, Baldi pointed out that "nobody is really still expressing what, in 2012, the Urus presented: this kind of sportiveness, this kind of powerful brand, already so sports, associated with an SUV."

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