Lamborghini Sues Fake Lambo Builder

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A replica supercar builder from Alabama has apparently gotten on Lamborghini's bad side.

Can’t afford a real Lamborghini? Then a guy named Jackie Johnson will be more than happy to sell you one of his Lambo replica kits through his Alabama-based company, CARKITINC. Thing is, Lamborghini itself is not in the least bit pleased about Johnson’s business concept and has sued him. In fact, Lamborghini wants the business to shut down entirely, or at least stop making fake Lambo body molds. But CARKITINC basically does what many supercar replicas builders do all over the world.

It takes donor cars such as old Pontiac Fieros, Toyota MR2s, Dodge Neons and even Porsche Boxsters and swap their bodies with a fairly cheap Lambo replica body. So who's in the wrong here?

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Mr. Johnson claims his kits cost about $4,000 and he even offers Bentley and Ferrari replica bodies. Buyers can supposedly install the kits themselves in about 4-6 weeks while the cars’ overall mechanics remain the same. Lamborghini is apparently having none of this and has filed documents in US District Court in Alabama. Johnson claims his cars are "just for fun" and that "no car can possibly be worth half a million dollars." Before the suit was filed, Lamborghini requested for Johnson to film himself destroying its design molds. But he refused, believing he’s doing car lovers a favor and that his profession is "a form of artistic expression." Thanks Ed258 for the tip.