Lamborghini Teams With Mitsubishi Because The Urus Needs Carbon Fiber

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Having growing pains aren't we Lamborghini?

As you might have guessed the first time that you saw a Mitsubishi branded TV set, the company does a lot more than just make cars that ultimately are phased out and leave us with a hole. It also is part of a much larger corporation that delves into many areas including plastics, pharmaceuticals, textiles, and our favorite, carbon fiber. Now, as Car Advice reports, it appears that Lamborghini is teaming up with one of Mitsubishi's companies to make more carbon fiber. We already know that the Italian automaker has a love affair with the composite material.

It recently opened a Seattle-based center to study and develop new variations of the composite and even hopes to one day bring it into the everyday car. That's why it has teamed with Mitsubishi Rayon, Japans largest supplier of acrylic fiber and, according to Car Advice, the reason why Japan produces 60% of the world's carbon fiber. This new partnership should help Lamborghini as it ramps up production efforts for the new Urus SUV. Currently, it can produce 5 chassis per day, a number too low for what its demand soon will be. By teaming up, Lamborghini will be able to research future applications of carbon with some extra brainpower. Currently, the automaker is fixated on forged carbon composites.

While it differs from carbon fiber, it's a material that has a promising future (and presence, the Sesto Elemento and Centenario already feature this material) in supercars. The process to make forged carbon composites is easier than the old school mold and bake technique used for carbon fiber. The only issue is that it doesn't look as pretty, but we can deal with that if it means more Lamborghinis make it to the streets. If this advances further, we could possibly see some wild carbon applications that Lamborghini has been talking about. One example is a carbon engine, an idea that would be a breakthrough if it becomes practical. For now, let's step aside and let the scholars of the sixth element do their work.

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