Lamborghini Teases Groundbreaking New Composite Ahead Of Geneva

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It's Lamborghini's secret ingredient that allows the Huracan Performante beat the Porsche 918 Spyder.

Howls of joy were in order when Lamborghini recently announced that the Huracan Performante would be one of the Nurburgring's fastest car, supposedly toppling the Porsche 918's lap time around the Green Hell. That's nothing to be shy about because when it comes to lap times this fast, there are no easy routes that Lamborghini could have taken, just a hardcore mix of Italian and German engineering talent. More power and aerodynamics certainly have something to do with this ultra-fast lap.

Carbon fiber composites also play a major part as well. That may be why, with the Geneva Motor Show and the Performante's official unveiling just weeks away, Lamborghini has chosen to give us a little teaser showing us what its Seattle, Washington-based composites lab has been working on. That would be forged composites technology which, when properly made, are light and strong.

Don't take our word for it, though, because Lamborghini adds to that list by claiming the composites are shapable and attractive. If this sounds a lot like carbon fiber, then you're right. However one large advantage remains: the fact that forged composites are cheaper, easier to build, and in many cases, are stronger than their weaved, shaped, and baked carbon fiber alternatives. The composite's connection to the Performante is the fact that the material is used liberally within the Lambo, helping it shave 220 pounds over the standard Huracan and helping it beat Porsche's hypercar. Could Lamborghini be using the Performante to debut the liberal use of its new material? We hope to find out soon.

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