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Lamborghini Terzo Millenio Concept Is The Future Electric Supercar

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This is a supercar future we could easily live with.

What you're looking at could become the next generation Lamborghini supercar. And yes, it is electric. Introducing the Lamborghini Terzo Millenio, a stunning concept that just made its official debut at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Why MIT? Because Lamborghini's R&D department collaborated with two MIT laboratories, specifically moving away from conventional batteries. The goal was to examine five different future dimensions: energy storage systems, innovative materials, propulsion system, visionary design and emotion.

In fact, Lamborghini substantially financed the collaboration in an effort to lead to radical innovations in the aforementioned areas. In regards to energy storage and the future use of supercapacitors in place of batteries, Lamborghini basically began where it left off with the Aventador V12's application of low voltage supercapacitors. The next step is creating a storage system capable of delivering high peak power and regenerate kinetic energy with limited influence from aging, a symptom found in all batteries today. This system would also need to be able to release and harvest electric power. This would, after all, be an electric supercar, though that system could perhaps be combined with a V12.

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While that was happening, so were innovations in new manufacturing methods involving carbon fiber. The Terzo Millenio concept's bodyshell is made from the lightweight material. Interestingly, that bodyshell also acts as an accumulator for energy storage. So basically, the entire body is a storage system. Technology is also being developed to monitor the carbon fiber structure with the idea of "self-healing" and can monitor its own health in case of cracks and other damage, specifically following an accident. At each of the four wheels, there's an integrated electric motor, thus ensuring the continuation of Lamborghini's all-wheel drive.

Think of the Terzo Millenio concept as the first Lamborghini to showcase the future "Lamborghini Electric." What's nice about having a motor at each wheel is that it gives designers lots of creative freedom and can further improve aerodynamics without being hindered by conventional mechanics. As for the design, the Terzo Millenio is pretty nuts, as any Lamborghini concept needs to be. There's a continuation of Lamborghini's familiar Y-signature in the front and rear lights, although it's definitely been taken to the next level. The wedge shape dating back to the Countach has been further radicalized. But one of the biggest concerns regarding the shift to electric motors is a lack of emotional driving.

Lamborghini gets this, hence the focus on the responsiveness of the electric motors and four-wheel torque control and dynamic body control. Although interior photos weren't released, Lamborghini says the Terzo Millenio concept has a virtual cockpit that supposedly allows for high-speed driving. There's also a Piloted Driving simulation allowing drivers to be "driven" around a track by a virtual expert prior to the driver actually piloting the car around a track itself. Whether some or all of these technologies one day make production, along with the design direction, obviously remains to be seen. But at least Lamborghini has no intention of allowing the supercar to fade away in a dramatically changing industry.