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Lamborghini Thinks Huracan Evo Owners Are Hot

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Apparently, they are racing drivers in their spare time too.

The rivalry between Lamborghini and Ferrari has been raging for decades. In pure technological terms, it is the prancing horse from Maranello that has more often than not trumped the powerful yet less scalpel-like Lambo. But thanks to cars like the Nurburgring lap record-breaking Aventador SVJ and updated Huracan Evo, that is no longer the case and Lamborghini is quick to point out its latest mid-engined supercar's dynamic capabilities in a video that will make existing Lambo owners feel like rock stars and the rest of us feeling rather jealous.

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The video showcases the latest Huracan Evo as it takes in a number of scenic coastal and mountain roads in Sicily, Italy. Lamborghini seems to think that its typical customer is a cross between a middle-aged male model and a successful architect, with a side order of racing driver thrown in for good measure.

This alpha male spends the majority of his day driving to see clients and visiting his partner on what appears to be a movie set, all the while negotiating the tight Italian roads like a retired Nascar driver.

The video may be a bit cheesy but it sure is a good way to display the Huracan Evo's newfound ability to shift between sporty cruiser and tail-happy dragster. The all-wheel-drive system has been honed to give the car an additional layer of interactivity and that naturally-aspirated 640 horsepower 5.2-liter V10 sounds better than ever.

Our hero arrives home after easily dispatching what appears to be the green Huracan of his partner along a stretch of road, only to find her already there waiting for him. Perhaps she found a shortcut or maybe she was driving a McLaren 720S, we may never know.