Lamborghini To Launch Four-Door Super Sedan In 2021

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This only took a decade to decide.

Way back in 2008, Lamborghini revealed its Estoque super sedan concept to mostly good reviews. And then nothing. Whenever we or anyone else asked the Italian supercar company about a production version, the subject matter was quickly changed without providing confirmation either way. Not long after, the Urus SUV concept arrived, and it all suddenly made sense: Lamborghini wanted to build an SUV and not a sedan. Today, however, Autocar reports that the sedan project is back on and a production version will arrive in 2021.


Supposedly, concept work is already underway and, like the Estoque concept, the front-engined, four-seater layout will remain. It's too early to know what powertrain will be chosen, or whether there'll be a plug-in hybrid option (almost certainly, based on today's trends), but the question we need to ask regarding the sedan's revival is "Why now?" Very simple, really. While the Urus is currently in the pre-production phase, newly installed Lamborghini CEO Stefano Domenicali understands the need to broaden the brand's future lineup, beyond the Urus. Think about it. There will soon be a lineup gap, and a fairly large one at that.


The Huracan and Aventador (the latter's replacement is also in the works) are supercars that have limited to no appeal outside of the segment. The Urus will almost certainly bring in new customers, but not everyone wants an SUV, for whatever reason(s). Just look at the Porsche Panamera, for example. Those who buy a Panamera simply didn't want a Macan or Cayenne, and Lamborghini sees an opportunity for some of those Panamera customers to go even further upmarket. Speaking of the Panamera, there's an excellent chance the new Lamborghini sedan will share its platform which, quite conveniently, was engineered from the get-go for plug-in hybrid tech.

By diversifying the lineup, which Ferrari has also done and continues to do, Domenicali will ensure Lamborghini's long-term survival in an increasingly competitive ultra-luxury and high-performance market. For now, Lamborghini has already doubled the size of its Sant'Agata production plant in preparation for the Urus. Surely there's additional space for a super sedan.


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