Lamborghini to Unveil V12 GT in Geneva

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Rumors of an anniversary-edition Aventador LP720-4 apparently contradicted by new reports of a front-engined grand tourer set to debut at the Geneva Motor Show.

With Lamborghini celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, rumors have been circulating that it was preparing a special version of the Aventador to present at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. New reports, however, suggest that the vehicle in question will actually be an entirely unique concept car. According to Edmunds, what Lambo has in store for us next month at the Swiss expo is a front-engined V12 GT concept, similar in form to arch-rival Ferrari's F12 Berlinetta.

The development would, on the surface, seem to uphold CEO Stephan Winkelmann's declaration that the Geneva show car would be "something truly extraordinary based on the V12". The concept would then likely incorporate the 700-horsepower, 6.5-liter twelve-pot from the Aventador, only turned around and mounted at the front. The last time Lamborghini toyed with the idea of a front-engined car was with the Estoque concept (pictured) that debuted at the Paris show in 2008. That project was ultimately put on hold in order to pursue the development of the Urus crossover concept, which remains the top priority in Sant'Agata.

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