Lamborghini Trademarks the Name 'Deimos' – New SUV or Gallardo Named?

2012 Beijing Motor Show / Comments

Lamborghini has apparently picked a name for one of their new models.

According to a report by Car & Driver, Lamborghini has already chosen the name for one of the new models set to come out later this year or early next year. The name "Deimos" has recently had the necessary paperwork filed for trademarking and could arrive on the Italian brand's new SUV, set to debut at the Beijing Motor Show, or the eventual Gallardo replacement. Lamborghini has made a habit of using most of the names that they have trademarked so far, so we expect this moniker to make it to production.

Apparently a son of Aphrodite in ancient Greek mythology, the god Deimos was the personification of terror and dread. Great, a new model that personifies both terror and dread. Let's just hope Lamborghini's SUV doesn't arrive looking like the revolutionary piece of... junk that was the Bentley EXP 9F Concept we saw recently at the Geneva Motor Show.

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