Lamborghini Unveils Updated Gallardo in Paris

2012 Paris Motor Show

Gallardo LP560-4 gets a facelift and the Superleggera and Spyder Performance get a new Edizione Tecnica.

Hard as it may be to believe, Lamborghini has been making the Gallardo for nearly a decade now. In a year or two, the Italian automaker will roll out an all-new model, but it has managed until now to keep it fresh - make that eminently desirable - with a series of refreshes and new versions, like the ones you see here. Debuting today at the Paris Motor Show are not one, but two new versions of the ten-cylinder Baby Bull. First up is the revised LP560-4 (pictured in yellow), which gets restyled front and rear ends.

Most noticeable is the grille that stretching across the face (instead of the two separate grilles) and, of course, new wheels. The drivetrain carries over in 552-horsepower form (560 in metric measure, hence the name) from the 5.0-liter V10, driving all four wheels in either coupe and Spyder convertible body-styles. Joining the range for the first time is the Edizione Tecnica, which includes the E-Gear transmission, a hydraulic lift for the front end to clear bumps and curbs, carbon-ceramic brakes, a new rear wing and three special color combinations.

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Customers will be able to order the Edizione Tecnica in matte black with orange accents (pictured), orange and matte black (the inverse) or matte white with orange. The Edizione Tecnica is available on either the Superleggera coupe or its roadster counterpart, the Spyder Performante. Otherwise the "regular" LP570-4 Superleggera and Spyder Performance carry over unchanged, as does the entry-level "purist's choice" LP550-2, while the Trofeo Stradale that debuted in Frankfurt last year has run its course. (Images courtesy of Lamborghini, Newspress and UnitedPictures)