Lamborghini Unveils Veneno Roadster


Only nine will be made, priced at 3.3 million Euros a piece.

Ever since Lamborghini unveiled the limited edition Veneno supercar at the Geneva Motor Show, speculation has been rife over whether a roadster variant would ever emerge from the gates of Sant’ Agata. Here it is. Wearing the same otherworldly carbon-fiber body, the Veneno Roadster comes with no roof – literally. The permanent roadster, says Lamborghini “guarantees an intense driving experience.” Having the 740-hp 6.5-liter V12 blaring away within ear shot of driver and passenger without a roof to dull the sound probably helps with that.

Power is permanently sent to all four wheels via an automatic transmission, with 0-62 mph timed at 2.9 seconds and top speed set at 220 mph. Like its closed-top counterpart, the Veneno Roadster sports a monocoque and body crafted from Lamborghini’s carbon-reinforced polymers, keeping weight down to just 1,490 kg. Features such as the oversized diffuser, central fin, adjustable rear wing, and six wedge-shaped openings on the engine cover that all work to keep the car planted to the road also adorn the supercar cabrio.

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With nine being planned, the Lamborghini Veneno is slightly less exclusive than the coupe (of which three were made). The ‘Rosso Veneno” color seen here is unique to the roadster but buyers can have it in any color they want. All they need is the $4.5 million required to complete the transaction.