Lamborghini Urus And Lambo Rambo Went Hunting For Santa Claus

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'Tis the season... for winter testing.

Lamborghini is wrapping up an excellent 2018. Not only are sales better than ever, but it was also the year it launched its second-ever SUV, the 650 hp Urus. Orders quickly exceeded Lamborghini's initial expectations. To bring the year to a fitting close, Lamborghini held its Christmas Drive, a 466-mile tour held earlier this month designed to test the handling of the Urus and its iconic predecessor, the LM002, also known as the "Lambo Rambo."

The route, beginning in Lamborghini's hometown of Sant'Agata, included winter conditions and plenty of mountain roads. The two-day journey, which included driving over a completely frozen Lake Braises, ultimately ended in the city of Bruneck, Italy, where the Christmas charm and decorations were in abundance.

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The city was so excited for the Lamborghinis' arrival that a local bakery even cooked up special biscuits in the shapes of the two SUVs. Although more than one Urus partook in the trek, only one LM002 was involved. Chassis number 12231 was built back in 1990 and its first owner was a resident of Monte Carlo. It has since been completely restored by Lamborghini's in-house restoration shop, Polo Storico.

The work, which included a bodywork and interior mechanical and cosmetic overhaul, began in 2016 and was finished the following year. But the real focus of this trip was, quite obviously, the Urus. Lamborghini figured in advance demand would be high, and it figured right. Fortunately, those customers can be accommodated.

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The company not only increased its number of employees by around 500, but also expanded its production facility from 80,000 to 160,000 square meters. Good thing it did because 2019 will be the year it expects to double its sales volume. There have also been rumors about a potential fourth model being added to the Lamborghini lineup, but details are scarce at the moment. But whenever that happens, the automaker should have the necessary facilities in place already.

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