Lamborghini Urus Due to Arrive in 2017

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The successor to the Rambo Lambo is only a few short years away.

When Lamborghini unveiled its Urus Concept back in 2012, fans of the long deceased "Lambo Rambo" SUV rejoiced. Although Lamborghini purists may not have liked the idea of the Italian supercar maker succumbing to the premium SUV trend, the Urus Concept was certainly a striking thing. It was very well received by press and public alike, and Lamborghini gave several hints that production was entirely possible. Now, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann has all but confirmed things.

He stated that as "the luxury SUV market is poised to continue to grow," a production Urus will arrive on the scene in 2017. Considering that other premium SUVs such as the Porsche Cayenne and the BMW X5, are experiencing solid sales, it makes total sense that Lamborghini wants a piece of that action. What's still unknown is whether the production Urus will ride on its own unique platform or share one with something else from the VW Group bin. Our guess is that it will share basic underpinnings with Bentley's upcoming SUV, but both will be completely different vehicles with their own unique characters. Either way, the Lambo SUV is going to happen.

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