Lamborghini Urus' Handsome Interior Gets Leaked To Instagram

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You can definitely smell Germany from here.

Lamborghini's first mass market SUV (the LM002 is not exactly what you call mass market) has been the subject of much curiosity for one reason: despite the fact that it's not the first SUV from an automaker typically known for sports cars, Lamborghini is best known for wicked designs that defy convention to the extent that an SUV from the company is likely to make the Maserati Levante, Bentley Bentayga, Porsche Cayenne and Macan, Alfa Romeo Stelvio, and even the Aston Martin DBX look conventional.

Leak after leak, whether done intentionally by Lamborghini or sent out on accident, has uncovered a design that looks satisfyingly similar to the Urus Concept we saw debut at the 2012 Being Motor Show. Though it can be inferred that the interior will resemble the latest Huracans and Aventadors strewn across Lambo dealerships, we haven't gotten more than a few blurry photos that show us what it actually will look like. Fear not, however, because Instagram page Toys for Boys Brazil has just posted a detailed image that gives us a much better idea of how Lamborghini will blend its edgy aesthetic with the demands of a comfort-seeking audience.

What we can expect, aside from a plethora of hexagons framing just about every component and keeping with Lamborghini convention, is a handsome interior complete with drama and a red fighter jet-style starter button. Dual cupholders will help familiarize Americans and plenty of buttons undoubtedly control the luxury sports SUV's many settings, but the main action takes place on one of the three screens that'll dot the cockpit. The one the driver will look at the most is the instrument cluster screen, which houses the tachometer, speedometer, and other relevant drive information. In the center there are two wide screens positioned so that one sits on top of the other.

The lower screen seems to control the HVAC system while the upper screen appears to take care of driving modes. Healthy amounts of aluminum and carbon fiber trim mesh with black and white leather nicely to cozy up the cabin. If the Urus can perform as well as its interior looks here, there's no doubt it'll become the sales phenomenon Lamborghini expects it to be.

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