Lamborghini Urus Spy Shots Get Rendered As The Real Deal


Say hello to the 2018 Lamborghini Urus.

Piesert Design has been playing wicked games with our imaginations by coming up with impressive renderings of SUV and hypercar mashups, hypercar and hyper sedan medleys, or predictions about what future supercars will look like based off of nothing but elusive teaser silhouettes. Th rendering artist has now taken on the challenge of envisioning what the Lamborghini Urus will look like using nothing but spy shots. We recently saw a near production-ready Urus in the wild and learned that the final product will be strikingly similar to the concept.

In attempts to visualize the differences between the 2012 concept and the production model, Piesert got to work peeling back the camouflage.

The differences, while apparent, aren't stark. Up front the headlights appear to have gotten less aggressive and air intakes have shrunken. As a whole the car looks less angular with the front quarter panel looking taller and more reserved, this accommodating for the large wheel arch. Its front end skews a bit closer to Audi than the concept's more Lamborghini-esque approach. If Piesert is correct about these predictions, then the Urus will be much more of a comfort-oriented SUV than a tall track-gobbling titan, and we're not exactly sure what to think about that. What we do know is that Piesert's imagination has churned out an Urus that is uglier than the concept. That's usually the case when cars go from concept to production.

The problem is that Lamborghini needs to get it right the first time. Porsche has managed it with the Macan, Jaguar with the F-Pace, and Alfa Romeo is gearing up to do the same with the Stelvio QV. We hope Lamborghini doesn't slack as the segment it's about to enter is stupidly competitive.

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