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Lamborghini Urus Transformed Into True Offroader

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New offroad package encourages owners to get their Urus dirty.

The Lamborghini Urus is renowned for being the fastest SUV in the world. While the Jeep Trackhawk has more power, the Urus can hit an impressive top speed of 190 mph. It's essentially a supercar dressed in SUV clothing. Equip the optional off-road package, however, and you can turn Lamborghini's super SUV into a true off-roader that's capable of handling different types of terrain and surfaces with ease.

As a new video released by Lamborghini shows, the Urus equipped with the off-road package is visually distinguished with its specific exterior design that makes the high-performance SUV more robust when navigating tricky terrain. The bumpers get steel reinforcement, while brushed steel has been added to the tailpipes.

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With the off-road package installed, the Urus can also be lifted further, increasing the overall vehicle height by 1.3 inches up to 3.5 inches and the maximum ground clearance up to 9.76 inches. When lifted to the maximum ride height, the Urus has a higher approach angle of 27.9 degrees compared to 20.3 degrees of the base car and a departure angle of 28.3 degrees vs. 26.8 degrees.

Combined with the metal underbody protection included in the off-road package, this enables faster climbing on steep slopes and maximum obstacle overtake without any concern for safety. Roof rails are also included with the package, enabling owners to mount a bike or skiing and snowboarding equipment. With the Off-Road package, the Urus rides on lightweight forged Asterope 21-inch alloys with all-terrain tires.

New Off-Road Modes are also included in the package, expanding the number driving modes up from three to six. The new Sabbia mode maximizes the SUV's performance when driving on dunes, sand or gravel surfaces, while the Terra mode "permits maximum obstacle overtaking for improved safety even on very rough off-road surfaces."

Since off-road driving can get make your SUV get filthy, Lamborghini has also included a Washing Package, which is just a fancy name for the wet-arm wipers and headlamp washers. You would think this option would come as standard.