Lamborghini V10 And V12 DNA Rejects Turbochargers And Batteries


At least for now.

Ferrari has made the switch. So has Porsche. But not Lamborghini. The Italian supercar maker has yet to ditch its naturally aspirated V10 and V12 engines in favor of turbocharged or even hybrid powertrain replacements, and it has no plans to do so in the immediate future. Speaking to Autocar, Lamborghini R&D chief Maurizio Reggiani couldn’t have been clearer: “My dream is to maintain the naturally aspirated engine for as long as possible. It is a sense of emotion in a super-sports car.”

There’s a very good reason for this. "Our DNA is the design, emotion and performance to make the experience of the car unique," Reggiani explained. "These are the conditions that define a new car. We then try to put them in a more scientific way, making them ‘physical’ things so (you) can compare a new car to an old one or the competition." But a Lamborghini, as we all know, a very unique car in many ways, and Reggiani is all too aware of this. "A Lamborghini cannot be only of those things. It can have a magnificent design as a super-cool Lamborghini but, if the car can’t do ‘emotional’ when you sit in it – (if you can’t) hear the noise or feel the tires working on the asphalt - then the job is not done.

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“We try to perfect his ever time.” Reggiani isn’t in favor a hybrid or plug-in hybrid system not only because it would alter this DNA, but also add unnecessary weight, affecting performance and handling. However – and we all knew this was coming – Reggiani also outright admitted that eventually technologies like turbocharging and hybrid batteries will have to happen. In fact, the upcoming Urus SUV will initially come powered by a twin-turbo V8 and, later, a plug-in hybrid option. For the foreseeable the NA V10 and V12 are here to stay, but Reggiani is already challenging electric motor and battery pack developers to make them more suitable for future Lamborghinis, specifically by reducing weight.

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