Lamborghini Wants To Sell Urus Owners Really Expensive Slippers

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And custom luggage and a limited edition leather jacket.

It's become a regular thing for exotic automakers, especially those from Italy, to offer its rich customers rich people accessories. You know, like fancy schmancy leather jackets, luggage and watches. Ferrari pretty much started this trend and Lamborghini, wisely, is doing the same with its Collezione Automobili for the new Lamborghini Urus, in collaboration with Enzo Bonafe. What's being offered to future Urus owners, exactly? Moccasins, really nothing more than expensive slippers with a better tread for some outdoor wear.

A famous fashion house in Sant'Agata, Hettabretz, is also offering a new limited edition leather jacket (just 30 examples) with styling directly inspired by the Urus. Also available is carbon fiber luggage from Tecknomonster. There are two travel sets available, each consisting of four suitcases designed, go figure, specifically for the Urus' trunk. For interested Urus owners, none of these items will be sold in department stores. Instead, they'll have to travel to Lamborghini HQ in Sant'Agata to the dedicated Collezione Ad Personam show room. And yes, appointments are required.

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