Lamborghini Will Never Attend An Auto Show Again

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Instead, Lamborghini will reveal new models at smaller private events.

Even before the 2020 Geneva Motor Show was abruptly canceled, Lamborghini had announced that it wouldn't be attending the Swiss show. Now, the Italian automaker has confirmed it's abandoning motor shows for good. Speaking to Autocar India, Lamborghini's marketing and communications officer, Katia Bassi, confirmed that Lamborghini decided to abandon motor shows "because we increasingly believe that to have an intimate relationship with the customer is key and motor shows are no longer aligned with our philosophy."

Traditionally, Lamborghini has presented its latest supercars at international motor shows, but this trend is now ending. The last Lamborghini supercar that debuted at a public motor show was the 808-hp Lamborghini Sian hybrid at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show last September.


Earlier the same year, the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster debuted at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. Lamborghini also lifted the wraps off the Huracan Performante Spyder in Geneva back in 2018.

Bassi confirmed that Lamborghini will continue to run a "constant program of exclusive customer events", such as "unveils of exclusive new cars in special locations, exclusive tours and driving programs for both customers and prospects, and lifestyle events where we can invite our clients, prospects and VIPs to join other like-minded people in appreciating many different aspects of the Lamborghini brand."

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While Lamborghini acknowledged that traditional motor shows have generated a lot of publicity for the company in the past, online events and social media have "fundamentally changed that traditional motor show role." This doesn't come as a huge surprise since automaker attendance at international auto shows has been in decline. Bentley and Aston Martin have also already pulled out of the 2021 Geneva Motor Show. Hosting private events will mean Lamborghini won't have to share the spotlight with its competitors.

Lamborghini hasn't confirmed when its first bespoke event will take place, but the first car that will likely debut in this new format will be the track-focused Lamborghini Aventador SVR track car, which has already been teased.

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