Lamborghini Won't Build Hybrid Gallardo or Aventador

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The company from Sant'Agata is willing to do its part to help cut the emissions and raise the efficiency of its supercars, but hybrid powertrains are one step too far.

Lamborghini has big plans for the Aventador. This according to statements attributed to the company's chief executive and its head of development in speaking with members of the press during the Paris Motor Show. Those plans, however, do not include turning the Aventador and Gallardo into hybrids. Although Ferrari, McLaren, Porsche and Jaguar (among others) are all launching hybrid supercars within the next couple of years, Lamborghini is planning other ways of reducing its carbon footprint.

Those plans reportedly center primarily around lightweight construction. The Bolognese automaker has developed newer, more time-efficient and cost-effective means of working with carbon fiber. However despite its carbon construction, the Aventador actually weighs more (but posts slightly better numbers) than the aluminum Ferrari F12. Lambo, however, plans on continuing to develop carbon construction techniques to make it even more advantageous. The Raging Bull marque also recently released a new version of the Aventador with cylinder deactivation and stop/start ignition in order to improve efficiency and emissions.

Fitting it with a hybrid system, however, has reportedly been ruled out due to weight and packaging concerns. That doesn't mean Lamborghini will never make a hybrid, though. The production version of the Urus could include a battery boost, and you never know what might be in store for the Gallardo's successor. As for the Aventador's potential, the Lamborghini executives didn't elaborate. Currently the only version available is the coupe, but the one-off Aventador J will likely lead to a production roadster version. A SuperVeloce version could be in store as well, though likely a ways down the line, and Lambo has even been reported to be considering a 2+2 version.

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