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Lamborghini Won't Build More Urus SUVs Than Necessary

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It's not a bad problem to have.

The Lamborghini Urus has been a smashing sales success, to say the least. The Italian supercar company, according to Automotive News Europe, has a worldwide Urus order bank that'll require 10 to 12 months of factory production. Impressive. That information comes directly from Lamborghini's chief commercial officer, Federico Foschini. "This year we're planning to go to between 7,000 to 8,000 (in total sales)," he said. "Because this year we'll have the full year of production of Urus. We'll be at full capacity."

Although the Urus went on sale only last July, a total of 1,761 examples were sold worldwide last year, nearly 500 of them in the US. The Urus was also the main reason for Lamborghini's 2018 record global sales increase of 51 percent totaling 5,750 units.

However, success like this must be managed properly. "We don't want to flood the market, because we are still in a luxury segment and we need to keep control of the offer compared to the demand," Foschini added. "I think that situation will improve just a little bit, but we are in a very good situation in terms of demand and offer. We are balanced at the moment."

More than 70 percent of Urus buyers are also first-time Lamborghini buyers. That presents a huge growth opportunity but at the same time, it's vital for Lamborghini to keep annual production in check. It doesn't want to dilute the exotic nature of Lamborghini.

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Ferrari also has the same issue, one of the reasons why longtime and now former CEO and Chairman Luca di Montezemolo was forced out by former CEO Sergio Marchionne, who wanted to increase output. Lamborghini is also part of the VW Groupe empire, so the temptation to build more is certainly there because, quite clearly, there's lots of money to be made.

But Lamborghini is different from, say, Porsche. Though it's not as exclusive as Bugatti, Lamborghini is far from a mainstream brand. The Urus has the potential to change this, but it appears Foschini and the rest of Lamborghini's top management have settled on no more than 8,000 total units. Porsche, by contrast, had around 370,000 new vehicle deliveries in 2018.