Lamborghini, You Can't Be Serious About Building This, Are You?


"Nessun commento." (That's Italian for "No comment.")

Every so often we hear of an automaker filing a trademark for a certain name that may or may not be used for a future production model. Sometimes the filing is purely for the purpose of not allowing a competing automaker to use it; sort of like keeping the rights to the name as a just in case. But now, according to AutoGuide, Lamborghini has supposedly trademarked a name that we really doubt no one else in the world has any interest in, but why is this intriguing? Because the name is "Egoista," meaning "selfish" in Italian.

If anyone recalls, the Lamborghini Egoista was that absolutely bonkers one-seater concept that premiered back in 2013. The thing looks like a combination between an Apache attack helicopter and Batman’s Tumbler while on LSD; it's sole door is actually a canopy.

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Power comes from the familiar 5.2-liter V10, this time rated at 600 hp. Lamborghini hasn’t outright confirmed whether a production-spec Egoista is on the way, but it’s fun to speculate what may be in store here. Could Egoista become a track-focused, one-seat version of the Huracan instead? It’s Lamborghini. Anything’s possible.