Lamborghini's First Electric Car Will Have Room For The Kids

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A two-door 2+2 seems likely at this point.

Ferrari's first electric vehicle is expected to arrive in 2025. For supercar manufacturers, engagement and not merely speed is a key component of the final product which is why this decade will represent a massive shift. Following Ferrari, the other unicorn of Italian supercar design, Lamborghini, is also planning an EV of its own. As we found out earlier this week, Lamborghini's competitor will arrive a bit later by 2030, although possibly before this, following the gradual electrification of other products. But a Lamborghini EV is still a Lamborghini and as such, it needs to amaze before you've even climbed behind the wheel.


Our render artist decided to envision what Lamborghini's future EV would look like. To be honest, there isn't much to go on since all Lamborghini shared was a picture of a covered vehicle with stretched lines and a roofline that gives the impression of a 2+2. Could Lamborghini's first EV also be one of its most practical cars? Perhaps, but it should still be dramatic, possibly with elements from the Sian hybrid, the car that began the company's path towards electrification. The Lamborghini EV will likely be a two-door four-seat grand tourer, something Lamborghini already hinted at before along with a potential four-door similar to the Estoque concept.


"This will be at least a 2+2 or four-seater," said CEO Stephan Winkelmann. "We imagine a two-door car mainly at this moment, but we haven't yet taken a final decision on the body style or the power output."

Lamborghini doesn't yet have a four-seat GT in its lineup so there is room for the marque to introduce something to go up against, for instance, the Bentley Continental GT. Lamborghini will also be able to take advantage of the Volkswagen Group's upcoming Scalable Systems Platform (SSP) which will be adaptable enough for various types of vehicles. According to Winkelmann, the basic specifications of the first Lambo EV will be decided upon next year.

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