Lamborghinis Will Have Loud Combustion Engines For Many Years To Come

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The Raging Bull is in no rush to go all-electric.

Lamborghini is preparing for an electric future but has no plans to abandon the combustion engine just yet. In fact, the Raging Bull is already working on solutions to guarantee its longevity for many years to come.

Speaking with TechCrunch, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann doesn't see the supercar maker as an all-electric brand and has said there are several possibilities in the pipeline. As other car companies rush about to offer an electric-only lineup, Winkelmann has said Lamborghini is looking to see what the European Union decides with regards to the future of the car.

"It's a bit difficult, because the European Parliament decided earlier in the year that they will ban gas engines and diesel engines by 2035, and the smaller manufacturers like Lamborghini by 2036, so we don't need to decide now," he added. More hope comes in the form of the possible use of synthetic fuels, a technology sister company Porsche has been working on for years.

2023 Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Rear View Driving Lamborghini

"We still have the opportunity maybe to go into synthetic fuel with those [types] of cars, but this means that there must be a change in the legislation which I cannot foresee right now," he added. These comments are echoed by Porsche's Oliver Blume, who praised the German government's decision to look into incorporating e-fuels into plans.

However, should the eFuel dream die, Winkelmann has said Lamborghini will embrace electrification in the next decade. "We will be fully electric by the latest, beginning of the 2030s," he added. While the company's first EV will hit the scene before the end of the decade, there's still plenty for gearheads to look forward to, such as the recently teased Huracan Sterrato, an off-roader based upon the Huracan. Earlier this year, the brand also revealed the Huracan Tecnica, a rear-wheel drive variant with a 631-horsepower naturally aspirated V10.

For now, the brand will lean on hybridization as a way of keeping the ICE engine alive. The company has already confirmed that the Huracan will gain a plug-in hybrid setup from next year. The Urus and Aventador successor will also receive electrified powertrains.

Thankfully, this will allow future Lamborghinis to retain their soulful engine noise for a bit longer. Lamborghini Americas CEO Andrea Baldi told Automotive News Canada that "when it comes to the noise [which] today is a great element, the hybridization will not take away that part...We have several years in front of us where the noise will still be there for at least three of our models. It's one of the features our customers love."

However, Baldi added that he's not worried about the beckoning EV era. "I think our customers are very much looking forward to seeing how Lamborghini will be able to transfer the DNA of a brand like ours into an electric car. So I'm not too concerned about that." While the iconic sounds may disappear, the brand has promised future models will continue to wow consumers with their striking exterior design.

"They will always look like spaceships, always be inspiring...they will have the sound and the emotion to touch you," said Mitja Bonkert, head of Lamborghini design.

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2023 Lamborghini Huracan Tecnica Rear View Driving

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